21. Juli 2024

Outdoor Selection Festival 2022

Event info


Psychedelic & Progressive Trance Open Air Festival

30h non stop !!

We are happy to present to you the Outdoor Selection Open Air 2022. We are looking forward to seeing you for the fifth time in the beautiful region of Fricktal in Effingen. A perfect festival area awaits you – right in the middle of nature, surrounded by forests and mountains. The journey into a new musical adventure has begun. A must for every Psy-trance lover!

Line up

► d&b audio (Line array)
► Decoration
Anzu Creations
40 Diameter Dance Floor Decoration
► Nature Decoration by Journey to Gaia
► Flowering Garden by Outdoor Selection
Visuals / Mapping
► Deltaprocess Italy

Shops / Chai / Div.
► Chai shops
► Fashion stores
► Several jewelry stalls
► Foyk & Friends Fire & Light Art
► Mysticalpics
► Food Corner
► Bar with fair prices
► Free Water
► Payment by EC, credit card, or Swiss postcard (Yellownet pre-payment card) possible
Shoprequests: info@outdoorselection.ch
► Entry 18 years and over. No
► Entry only with valid ID (ID required)
Limited tickets
► Early Bird 59.00 CHF sold out !!
► 1. Phase 69.00 CHF 90% sold

► 2. Phase 79.00 CHF

► Entry Fee Sunday – More info soon.
► Payment by EC, credit card, or Swiss postcard (Yellownet pre-payment card) possible

Travellers by train
► Final destination Frick railway station
From Frick station take the Festival Shuttle bus.
Travel time 15 minutes.
Shuttle bus is free.
► Shuttle bus timetable
Saturday 11.00 Uhr – 02.00 Uhr
Sunday 06.00 Uhr – 19.00 Uhr
► From Zurich HB (directly)
InterRegio to Basel SBB ► Frick railway station (41 min.)
► From Basel SBB (directly)
InterRegio to Zurich ► Frick railway station (25 min.)

Travellers by car or caravan
► From Zurich to Basel on the Highway A3
Exit Effingen and follow the parking signs.
(Caution!! The exit Effingen is just after the Bözbergtunnel.)
► From Basel to Zurich on the Highway A3
Exit Frick / Effingen
Follow the road signs direction Effingen.
In Bözen follow the signs.
►It is really important to use the predetermined parking spaces. Illegally parked vehicles will be impounded by the police, or towed away.
► Parking fee for car or caravan 10 CHF
► We recommend people travel via public transport.
► Wir empfehlen mit den öffentlichen Verkehrsmitteln anzureisen.

► We will set up a camping zone in the festival area for you
► We would ask for people to please not bring large tents.
► There is a complete fire ban in the camping area.
► Caravan have to park in the normal parking zone outside from the festival.

Important information
► The highway is right next to the festival. Please take care of you and your fellow human beings. Please be mindful of the barriers.
► Dogs are not permitted and have to stay at home.
► Respect you and your fellow human beings.
► Care for the environment and nature.
► Dispose of your waste in the
designated containers.
► Dispose of your cigarette stubs correctly (in bins or suitable containers).
► No drinks are to be brought into the festival site.
► If you need money, the shuttle bus can drop you to and from Frick. Frick station has a cash point.
► Cashless payment by EC, credit card, Swiss postcard (Yellownet pre-payment card) possible.

► Please invite your friends to the Outdoor Selection 2022.

► Thank you and we’re all looking forward to having a wonderful time together.